Keira Knightley at the Pirates of the Caribbean premiere

No matter what a movie is about, no matter how uncontroversial, the press will invariably find a way to stir up some sort of drama. Case in point: 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.' Now, here's a movie that pretty much appeals to all demographics -- families, teenagers, and twentysomethings right on up to hundredsomethings. It has action, adventure, a nice little love triangle going on. And the original 'Pirates' met with nothing but love from critics and audiences alike. So basically, this movie has very little chance of polarizing anyone. I mean, it's not like the National Association for the Advancement of Pirate People (NAAPP) is going to be arguing that Johnny Depp's semi-effeminate portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow is detrimental to their intimidating tough-guy image. So what happens when Keira Knightley shows off her fit figure in a skimpy dress at the July 3 London premiere of 'Pirates'? She spends the next two days fielding questions about how it feels to be called "anorexic." Good times.

Now sometimes the controversy spurred on by a film is there -- certain religious groups really were concerned with their portrayal in 'The Da Vinci Code.' And sometimes the controversy is a stretch but provides people with a jumping-off point for a debate about larger issues -- as with the whole "Is the new Superman un-American?" hubub. But here, I just feel bad for Keira. She denies being anorexic, but welcomes the awareness-raising dialogue that the press' questions have raised. It appears the only thing that's too thin is this news story.

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