Snakes On A Plane, the Samuel L. Jackson summer spectacular, continues to gain momentum as a fan favorite cult-hit, garnering more and more loyal followers and dedicated fans despite the fact that it hasn't technically been seen by most of us yet because it hasn't even been released to the general public. However, the glorious day is fast approaching, and crazed fans are growing quite eager to see Sammy throwing down against a plane full of snakes -- yours truly included. While we might not have the film itself yet, we do now have a new production poster which you can see courtesy of Snakes on a Blog. While it shows Jackson in full glory, and some people obviously in fear of the reptile menace, it contains a disturbing lack of snakes. We are instead given to understand the snakes of hovering just off-screen, scaring everyone on the poster. It also features the tagline "Sit back. Relax. Enjoy the Fright." Not bad, for a movie poster pun. Let's hope the next one shows us some plane-pirating snakes.