Despite the fact that it took the top spot in all 11 markets in which it opened, Superman Returns' international debut is being described as solid but not spectacular; the film took in about $20 million on 1750 screens. Cleverly opening only in countries no longer interested in the World Cup, Warner Bros' greatest hope surpassed Batman Begins in all but one of those markets, and topped X-Men: The Last Stand's impressive first weekend in seven of them. The film did particularly well in Korea and the Philippines, where it opened on a record 81 screens (though it still failed to top Spider-Man 2's massive debut there). In other, undeniably good news, foreign markets are going bonkers for the IMAX version of the movie -- in the Philippines, the country's only IMAX theater is showing Superman Returns, and it's sold out through late July.

Once the World Cup is over (that's this weekend, for those of you not following along), the film will start expanding in earnest, opening next Friday in much of Europe in South America; the numbers from that weekend will be a true test of the film's power abroad.