The big news in the world of Marvel comic movies this summer is undoubtedly the inclusion of fan favorite Silver Surfer in the upcoming Fantastic Foursequel. Within seconds of the announcement, speculation began on who would play the cosmos-traveling Herald of Galactus, and leading the charge was action star Vin Diesel. After all, people reasoned, he's already got the hair for the part. Last week, Diesel announced his departure from the film he was supposed to be working on -- Black Water Transit-- for "undisclosed reasons." Weeee, the rumor mill went wild with that one, because it perfectly coincided with the expectation of Diesel taking on the Surfer role. Moviehole just talked with director Tim Story to get the scoop, and he laughed it off. No truth to the rumor at all, said Story. Instead, "The Surfer will be a new CGI design being developed especially for the movie. It's going to be incredible."

That sounds very promising, doesn't it? A CGI Surfer will probably look far more like the Surfer of the comic books than anything they could do with a dude in a costume. Presuming, of course, the CGI is as fantastic as Story indicates and not a half-hearted quickie job; and given the expected high budget of the sequel, it is unlikely they'd go the cheap route. I guess we'll find out soon enough.
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