The Marvel war chest has been cracked open, and a few key projects are on the move. Among the earliest projects being rolled out by Marvel under its own banner will be a silver screen look at none other than the god of thunder himself -- Thor. Now early reports already had screen writer Mark Protosevich putting together an early draft of the script for Marvel, but those reports are being somewhat contradicted today with news of David Goyer's involvement in the film. That's right, I said David Goyer. Dude still dreams of The Flash (he just handed in a script for that one), but we know he's not above working with Marvel properties (Blade), and if he's going to nab one, the mystical nature of Thor makes the character a better fit than many of Marvel's more traditional heroes.

Superhero Hype notes we don't yet know if Goyer has been brought in as a ringer to replace Protosevich, or if he's simply doing a clean-up job on a Protosevich script. Stay tuned to Cinematical for further updates as more information is revealed. In the meantime, try to wrap your brain around what a Goyer written Thor project would be like. Excited, or scared?
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