And then there are some days when you're absolutely delighted to hear about a rumor that is not true. Awhile back, Martha told us how Robert Downey Jr. was in talks to star in Sylvester Stallone'sPoe. Hey, throw David Fincher behind a project like that and I'm totally down to see Downey Jr. play the famous poet (after all, his Chaplin was pretty damn good), however, knowing Sylvester Stallone is writing and directing -- well, here's where I look straight into the camera and sigh. (I have to pause for a moment while I quietly laugh to myself after picturing Stallone read Poe aloud on set.)

Now, according to IMDB, this is more than just a rumor -- it's fact. They even have Downey Jr. listed as "attached" on Poe's film page. When Downey Jr. caught wind of that, he threw out a few expletives and wished IMDB would accidentally list him in the role of Spider-Man instead of Tobey Maguire. He did admit to having dinner with Sly Stallone to discuss the project, but insisted he'd rather wait until he's "hot again" so that they could do "this at a big studio."

So, what I get out of this whole thing is Downey Jr. wants to play Poe, but the project won't be happening any time soon. I imagine, with Stallone finishing Rocky Balboa, then heading out to shoot another Rambo sequel, figure it will be at least two years before Poe heats back up. Downey Jr. also briefly touched on his role in the upcoming Charlie Bartlett, in which I was pumped up to see the actor playing a high school principal. On Bartlett, he says "It's almost like Mean Girls was like Harold and Maude, and I play a high school principal." Sweet! Hey, I'm down for whatever this guy gets involved in. Well, everything except another trip to rehab.

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