Rumors of a sequel to Ang Lee's Hulkflick have been slowly shaping up into an actual, true story. At first, we were all rather incredulous to learn Marvel was interested in returning to the franchise so quickly, because -- let's face it -- the film didn't really meet with a great reception from the fans. We just weren't sure how to handle his vision of the Hulk, for good or bad. Then we were told it would be direct-to-DVD and would not include any of the original cast/crew, and we all sort of nodded our collective heads in understanding. Now it made sense to us. Capitalize on the fan base to rake in a few extra bucks from a cheaply made part two. This is certainly familiar territory. Next we learned that Marvel was not planning on making this new Hulk film a sequel to the recent project (which works well, since none of the principles will return), but would rather focus on rebooting the franchise in a more classically "Hulk Smash" style of story.

Now, finally, comes official confirmation of a big screen debut for Hulk Redux. Screen writer Zak Penn (who is a big mover in Marvel circles these days) has put the official nix on all direct-to-DVD rumors. He's hyped about a chance to deliver a new vision for the Hulk, and he said "This will NOT be straight to DVD, or even a cheap movie. Marvel is dropping a lot of money on this and I think it has a chance to be better than the first or I wouldn't be involved." I know there are a lot of naysayers out there who think this is far too soon for a remake (and honestly, I do agree in part), but my inner geek is still very excited about a "Hulk Smash!" movie.
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