Hey, have you seen the new trailer for Edmond yet? If you haven't, then you should seriously check it out. Based on the play by David Mamet (who also wrote the screenplay) William H. Macy plays a business man who stumbles onto the streets of New York one night and gets into a whole mess of trouble. Hands down, Macy is one of the finest actors working today. Even though it seems as if the dude shows up in every other film, each role he chooses is different and adds yet another layer to his already diverse repertoire.

Recently, Macy was interviewed by Coming Soon and let everyone in on plans to make his directorial debut with a film called Keep Coming Back. While he admits to directing a "little film for HBO" awhile back, he's not counting that one. Speaking about the new film, Macy said it will star the beautiful Salma Hayek and hopes to begin production sometime around the holidays. Macy was silent as far as plot goes, but did note the script (written by Will Alditch) was "witty and adult and smart, and yet, kinda broad and outrageous." Yeah, so basically, it can be about anything. In addition to directing his first flick, Macy also alluded to the fact that he and wife Felicity Huffman hope to share the stage in a Broadway play sometime in the next five years.

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