This is a delicate one to dance around. Cinematical isn't typically one to avoid spoilers ... we usually just give you a big SPOILER WARNING IN CAPITAL LETTERS FOR EMPHASIS and then get on with the spoiling. What we've got here today is something of a doozy for Spider-Man 3, a movie that roughly 9/10 of the known and unknown universe plans to see when it eventually makes it to the silver screen. It is always a bit tricky figuring out just how to share sensitive information like this, because no matter how effective you are with the SPOILER WARNINGS, some people always manage to miss it and read something they didn't want to read. And given the wide net cast by tons of fans for Spider-Man info, I just know this is going to spoil a big moment for someone out there in the audience.

Fortunately, I have an out this time ... because the SPOILER is in picture form. That's right -- it is not an insider tip or a script leak, it is simply a rather revealing series of pictures which gives away what seems to be a significant plot point. Ergo, I don't have to spell the spoiler out for you, I can just throw you this handy link and duck out of the way. Click away at your discretion; maybe now that I've built it up so much it won't seem very significant when you actually see it.
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