Yes, X-Files2 is still an outside possibility. It has been in the works for ages, complicated by everything from actors' schedules to legal battles over revenues. However, the primary three players -- creator Chris Carter and actors David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson -- have all expressed very real interest in returning to the franchise; and as long as you've got that, you've got good odds of the movie eventually coming together. At least you can hope, right?

Well you can now add director Rob Bowman to that list. Bowman directed the first X-Files flick, in addition to a number of episodes for the television show. Unfortunately, his record gets pretty spotty after that, having moved on to direct box office mediocrity in Reign of Fire and Elektra. Bowman just recently expressed his interest in a sequel, saying he'd love to do it, but "can't ask himself." He fully recognizes the franchise does not belong to him in any way, and he can only be brought back on board if the previous three are interested in his return. So what do you think, fans? If X-Files 2 does eventually happen, would you want it to be at the hands of Rob Bowman?
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