Yeah, I was a bit perplexed too upon viewing a teaser poster for the upcoming Snakes on a Plane that, well, didn't include any snakes in it. I would have loved to be a fly in the wall during that brilliant marketing meeting:

SOAP Marketing Genius #1: Hey, so what should we include in the new Snakes on a Plane poster?

SOAP Marketing Genius #2: Well, we definitely need Samuel L. Jackson and a few other cast members. Um, probably a shot of them on a plane or at least something that looks like a plane. Hmm, what else? Ooohh, a catchy tagline in a font that screams, "Go watch this movie fool!" Yeah ... fonts are cool.

SOAP Marketing Genius #1: I agree. Oh, and no snakes. We want to keep the audience guessing there. Are they small snakes? Are they big snakes? Do they talk? Walk?  Heck, there are so many different ways we can go with this -- I'm literally bursting with excitement!

Idiots. Anyway, Bloody Disgusting was lucky enough to get their hands on a French teaser poster for Snakes on a Plane which, for a number of reasons, is so much cooler than the U.S. version. And yes, there are snakes. Seeing this French poster leaves me questioning why on earth the American one is so tame and boring? Do you think it has something to do with our post 9/11 fears of the airplane? Or are the marketing folks really going with a whole "leave it up to the imagination of the audience" philosophy? Who knows. Enjoy.

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