Well, it turns out that Superman Returns has broken a box office record, after all. It had the best opening week at IMAX theaters for a Hollywood new release, bringing in $6.83 million (it also scored the IMAX a record per screen average of $89,804 domestically and $67,888 internationally). I guess it isn't that hard to imagine since IMAX is showing some of the film's scenes exclusively in the new 3-D format. I've been curious about the scenes, myself, but every time I check on tickets, they appear to be sold out for days (okay, I haven't checked on the morning show because I have a day job, but still). So far, Warner Bros. has been having a great success with its simultaneously releasing its blockbusters on IMAX. Before Superman broke the record, previous holders of the slot were Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Batman Begins and The Matrix Reloaded.

What does this news tell us? That people are willing to flock to the movies for big screens and for 3-D. The first reason is a given since nobody wants to sit in an auditorium with a screen not much bigger than their TV. The second reason should be good news for George Lucas, James Cameron and any of the other filmmakers trying to usher in the 3-D technology as cinema's saving grace. The only thing is, other theaters besides IMAX are going to need to embrace it too, since there are still too few IMAX screens to handle a major release without a simultaneous multiplex opening.