By now, you've heard everything you need to hear about Superman Returns. You're done. Exhausted. And about to check yourself into Bryan Singer rehab. Or Brandon Routh rehab. Or (insert whatever Superman addiction you need help with) rehab. I know I'm there. For movie writers, building up to a giant summer film is like planning a wedding -- once the film finally comes and goes, you're absolutely drained from covering it and desperately in need of some R & R. However, I'm going to ask you to hold onto those Man of Steel dreams for now because we're not done with the guy yet.

A trailer for the upcoming film Hollywoodland has hit the net, due out the first week of September. Hollywoodland? Huh? What's that? How about I tell you it stars Ben Affleck as Superman --  does that get your attention? Okay, Affleck doesn't really play Superman, but he does play the guy who played Superman. Pic is based on the real events that surrounded the supposed suicide death of beloved Superman actor George Reeves and the investigation that followed. The film also stars Adrien Brody, Diane Lane and Bob Hoskins. After watching the trailer, I just may dig Hollywoodland a bit more than Superman Returns. I mean, you've got a mysterious death, a love affair and an evil studio exec -- what's not to like?

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