Welcome back to the world of Mark Beall, where we continue to extol the virtues of animated superhero movies and be giddy beyond all reason about their expected existence. Most writers on this esteemed site will offer you critical, insightful, and witty commentary on the world of film -- while yours truly will geek out over animated Avengers. It is a good life. Let me tell you about the new information on Ultimate Avengers 2, which will grace our small screens in just over a month from now (August 8, to be precise). Part two looks to be much the same as part one, only more so. The big splash today is an exclusive look at many, many menu screens from the new flick, courtesy of the good people over at Superhero Hype. Do they look awesome? Yes they do. But really, how can you have Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and the Incredible Hulk all together in the same place and have it not look awesome? Have a look, True Believers, and enjoy. Let us hope the quality maintains, and Marvel continues to crank these babies out.
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