Wow, I can't be the only one pleasantly surprised to find a trailer already online for Tony Scott's upcoming thriller Deja Vu. The film doesn't land in theaters until Thanksgiving, but it seems folks behind the scenes want to get this one off to a running start alongside some of the big summer films. Hey, I'm down.

Pic, which stars Denzel Washington, tells the story of an ATF agent who travels back in time to save a woman from being murdered, then accidentally falls in love with her. You may remember, back in February, Deja Vu became the first narrative feature film to be shot in New Orleans post-Hurricane Katrina. Though, right after Katrina, director Tony Scott initially left the project, causing some to fear Denzel would also bail out, leaving Deja Vu very much up in the air. However, Scott jumped back onboard and the filmmakers re-worked the story to include a post-Katrina New Orleans. Now, five months after filming started back up, a brand-spanking-new trailer has hit the internet -- one that looks and feels like vintage Tony Scott, all gritty and what not. Man, am I glad he came back. Deja Vu is set to open on November 22.