Hollywood bloggers generally fall into one of two categories: those who have some sort of token presence on the internet to please the studio marketing executives, and those who genuinely enjoy the quick communication it gives them with the fanbase. Jon Favreau seems to be doing his best to be one of the latter -- and I think that's admirable. If done well, such fan connection can certainly be a boon to any production, especially a geek culture flick like Iron Man. The latest news he offered on his MySpace blog concerns San Diego's Comic Con. Fav says he will be there to join a Marvel panel on Saturday -- but we shouldn't expect too much because hey, we've still got two years to go on this puppy. There will be "Ironworks" t-shirts, recently approved for distribution at the Paramount booth. Hit it quick if you are interested, because the numbers will be limited for each day. His closing thought: "all in all, I want to get my feet wet. Next year will be the big one for Iron Man. Personally, I'm excited for next year; Supermanwas fun and all, but I'd much rather be blogging Iron Man rumors.
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