While I am in no way looking to get into any sort of religious debate here, I would like to note that I can't help but find this story slightly amusing. Variety reports faith-based media company Good News Holdings is partnering up with Tyndale House Publishers (known for publishing the bestselling Holy Bible) on a brand-new horror franchise based on a series of teen-oriented novels. Good News just recently smacked the stamp down on their first film deal, a Biblical epic based on a book written by gothic horror novelist Anne Rice (Interview with a Vampire).

The partnership sure does sound interesting, however these teen-oriented novels haven't even been written yet. See, the goal here is to publish the books around the same time each film comes out, or at least that's the plan with the first one. Personally, wouldn't it be better to throw the books out there sooner and gain buzz for the film? Seriously, I assume they've heard of a little wizard kid named Harry Potter -- why not go that route?

The books, which are being written by Bodie Ingelvie, revolve around the mysterious town of Dudleytown, Connecticut. Following a series of disappearances and murders, the town was deserted for years until a private group bought 1,000 acres and put up "no trespassing" signs.Supposedly, this same area was used as inspiration for The Blair Witch Project. Series will begin with the book, Dudleytown: Voice, and will be written from the perspective of a 17-year-old. Right now, the book and film plan to debut sometime in 2007.

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