Hey, look -- it's another film about the war in Iraq. It's hard for me to get sarcastic here (Me? Sarcastic?) because I'm sure there are thousands of unbelievable stories to be told, but how about we space them out a little bit? In the last month alone, fourdifferentIraq-relatedfilms have cropped up. And I imagine they'll just keep coming until we eventually decide to invade vacation in some other random country.

In saying that, break out the sun-screen and sandals folks -- we're heading back to Iraq. This time, Moroccan director Sanaa Hamri (Something New) will helm Dreams of a Dying Heart for Focus Features. Pic, which sort of reminds me of that whole Jessica Lynch story, revolves around a female chopper pilot who is shot down in Iraq and must race against time to save herself so that she can find a way back to her daughter. Personally, I dig stories about war told from a female perspective and so I can't really complain about this one too much. The script was written by Shawn Otto (House of Sand and Fog). No cast or production schedule was announced.

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