Welcome back to the never-ending saga of bringing He-Man and the Masters of the Universeback to the big screen. When we last left our intrepid hero, it looked like he was doomed to yet another slide back into Nowheresville after John Woo (the man presumed to be behind the most recent attempt to bring He-Man back) declared he had no interest in the project. Honestly, at this point I just shrugged my shoulders and forgot about it, because a He-Man movie, while sorta cool, is not really high on my priorities list. If it happened, I'd happily watch it ... but I don't care if it continues to not exist.

Nonetheless, the He-Man movie rumors have roared to life yet again in an outright refusal to die. The Gossip Monkey over at Moviehole: "John Woo paces out of Spy Hunter AND He-Man? Only kinda true. He was never going to direct He-Man, and he is been off Spy-Hunter for a while now." Apparently the game is still on, with script work being done by Adam Rifkin. It may not happen particularly soon, but as for now at least it is still moving forward.
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