When I heard that Mark Mothersbaugh, former DEVO frontman and film and television composer extraordinaire, was coming to the Seattle International Film Festival to teach a Master Class on composing for film, I knew right away that I wanted to score an interview with him. Mothersbaugh was kind enough to sit down with me for almost 40 mintues to chat with me about his days with DEVO, how he transitioned from playing with a band to composing for films, and how life has changed now that he's finally a father.

Cinematical:  I want to start with the obvious topic-- your work with DEVO and how that influenced the work you do today.

Mark Mothersbaugh: Well, DEVO was kind of like – that was the first statement I ever made as an artist, really, that was my first statement ... and in a way I think DEVO influences what I do now because I think of what I do now is permeations on a theme, always. There may be those who say, I don't see a direct link to DEVO, but I maybe – I feel like there's a direct link, even though it's sometimes obscure. I think I'm part of that group of  artists who make their best statements when they're angry young men. I first started writing music with Gerry Casale in 1970, we were art students at Kent State. And our school was closed down because they shot some kids. We were protesting the war in Vietman.