Simmer Down. It turns out that Jamie Foxx will not be portraying reggae legend Bob Marley in a proposed biopic, as I reported last month. The Jamaican entertainment journalist Kevin Jackson managed to get the scoop from Foxx at the BET Awards, and the rumors were completely shot down. The Oscar-winning actor claims he has never been confirmed to play Marley, and flat out said he will not be taking on the role. Foxx clarified the origin of the rumor by adding, "What happened is I ran into one of his sons at a club the other day and that was about it."

Well, that explanation doesn't make too much sense to me, but you never know how stories get started. My source was The Irish Examiner, of all places. Who knows what their source was? Perhaps Marley's son was complimenting Foxx's performance in Ray, said he'd be honored to have such a great actor play his father, to which Foxx said he'd be honored to play him, leading to Marley's son passing the casual words to his mother, who discussed it with someone else, and voilà! Instant miscommunication and instant rumor.

The biopic, to be directed by Rachid Boucharid and co-conceived by Marley's widow, Rita, is set to tell the story of the superstar's early days. The news that Foxx would be playing the part of young Marley caused quite some controversy, not the least of which is evident in the comments section of my original post.
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