Odds and ends from Thursday:

  • Ah, there's nothing like playing a dead guy in a film. David Duchovny has signed on to play Halle Berry's deceased husband in Things We Lost in the Fire. Also starring in the film will be Benicio Del Toro as Duchovny's troubled best friend who Berry invites to come live with her family after hubby's death. Now, this is where someone like me would expect Del Toro to get all sick and twisted on the Berry household, however, based on the description it appears he helps the family move on and eventually turn their lives around. Duchovny's character will only appear in flashbacks. God, I hate flashbacks -- but that's an entirely different post.
  • Talk about talent that runs in the family, Joe Hill (son of horror guru Steven King) has sold the rights to his upcoming novel, Heart-Shaped Box, to Warner Brothers who, in turn, brought on Tom Pabst to adapt it for the big screen. Akiva Goldsman will be producing this supernatural thriller about a rock star who collects occult artifacts. After bidding online for a ghost (not sure how one does that, but okay), said ghost leads him to the deep South where he must confront his past in order to escape the evil forces haunting his every move.
  • Well well well -- it appears we finally figured out why Vin Diesel abruptly jumped ship and bailed on the film Black Water Transit. It appears the actor was spotted in the Dominican Republic where, apparently, he was wrapping up filming on his dream project, Hannibal. Wait, last we heard, Hannibal was potentially moving forward with production locations being scouted, but nothing was official ... yet. So, in three months, you mean to tell me this puppy is fully cast and just about done shooting? Can't be. Not possible. Perhaps, they're almost done filming one of many locations, but there's no way the film could get this far without anyone knowing about it. Heck, IMDB doesn't even have the thing in pre-production yet -- what gives?
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