Want to know what Karen Allen is up to these days? Ask her yourself. Want to know what it was like working with Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford? Ask her yourself. Want to know if the rumors are true about her showing up in Indiana Jones 4? Ask her yourself. Seriously. Karen Allen is doing a Q&A at the Paris Theatre this weekend after screenings of Raiders of the Lost Ark, in which she co-stars as love-interest Marion Ravenwood. The screenings take place Friday night and Saturday night at 10pm and tickets are $10.50 (order them on Moviefone now, before they sell out).

Even if Raiders wasn't such a great film, and a huge blockbuster hit, Allen would still be an interesting actress to go and see. Other seminal films she's starred in include Animal House, Starman, Scrooged and The Sandlot(if you don't believe The Sandlot is a seminal film, you don't know enough people under the age of 25). She'll probably be limiting the discussion to Raiders, though, so make sure to think of questions about that film only. Don't worry, I'm sure you can prepare a bunch.

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