It may not be much, but here is a bit of news for those of you anxiously awaiting action on Prince Caspian, the sequel to the hit fantasy literature film Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. Yours truly, for one, can't wait -- Caspian may well be my favorite book of the Chronicles, competing with only The Last Battle.*  BANG Showbiz recently caught up with Anna Popplewell (Susan of Narnia) and took a moment to discuss her return to the magical land. Popplewell said that while she is usually well out of the loop, she knows the producers are "out scouting locations at the moment" and she's been told shooting will start early next year with all major cast members excited to be returning.

On a personal note, Popplewell admitted she wants to once again try to get a name-drop for her hometown of Finchely worked into the second film. She said she was "over the moon" when she learned it made the cut for Wardrobe, and she hopes to be just as successful this time around. We're currently looking at a summer of 08 release for the film -- a bit later than originally desired, but still reasonably timely. Unlike some series, Narnia has less to worry about with aging child actors -- the four children are only featured all together in two books, and the youngest two kids in three books. Okay, yeah, it'll get tricky if they ever make it to The Last Battle, but they can cross that bridge when they get there.

*I know, Last Battle is not typically a favorite.
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