Contrary to what you may be thinking after reading the title of this post, I am not talking about a film festival here. No sir, this is a straight-up, fun-loving, knee-slapping, Idaho-style festival, complete with all kinds of Napoleon Dynamite-related activities. From July 4 through July 8, folks visiting Preston, Idaho (where Napoleon Dynamite was filmed) have the chance to participate in a number of events.

Some of the activities featured are:

  • A Napoleon Dynamite parade through the town of Preston.
  • A Napoleon Dynamite tour with a map locating several places in which filming took place.
  • Oohh, how about a special performance from The Happy Hands Club in the Preston high school auditorium?
  • Think you have mad Tetherball skills? How about signing up for the Tetherball tournament?
  • Folks can also check out a tater tot eating contest and a football throwing contest too.
  • Finally, the festival wraps up with a Napoleon Dynamite look-a-like/moonboot dance contest.

Probably the funniest part about this festival is that, as far as I can tell, at no point do they screen the actual film they're celebrating. You'd think that would be a pre-requisite to the whole thing, right? If any of our loyal Cinematical readers was able to check out the Napoleon Dynamite festival in Preston, Idaho, do drop us a comment and let us know how it was. Personally, it looks pretty damn sweeet!

 [via The Movie Blog]

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