Last time we checked up on the big screen version of Speed Racer, Martha reported the Wachowskiboys were supposedly taking over the project, with plans to both write and direct a live-action film. After Vince Vaughn sold his pitch for Speed Racer back in 2004, a ton of giant names have circled the project. However, nothing seemed to be moving forward until the Wachowski rumor surfaced.

Now, according to IGN, it's been confirmed the Wachowski's are definitely doing Speed Racer and Vince Vaughn is still involved in the film. Most likely, the actor will remain in a supporting role taking on the character Racer X. Currently, the Wachowski's have begun work on the script, though production on Speed Racer will not be starting up anytime soon. The way it's going, I'd figure this one won't begin shooting until 2008, with a possible summer 2009 release. But that's just a wild guess. I still remain pumped up about the project and am very interested to see the Wachowski's take on this classic cartoon. I'd imagine 'extremely trippy' would be one of the ways to describe what we'll eventually see up on screen.

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