Comic-Con, a major event in the world of comicbookdom, is scheduled to happen this month in San Diego. One of the major planned events is a discussion with Marvel Films on their future plans, when Marvel is expected to roll out the official slate of films on their way in the next few years. It's a big deal not only because it marks another major push from Marvel comics into the cinema world, but also because it will be the first big push to happen since Marvel announced it would be financing and producing its own films in the future. An excerpt taken from the event billing (which you can see over at Superhero Hype) reads like this: "At this presentation, the directors of Iron Man (Jon Favreau), The Incredible Hulk, and Ant-Man (Edgar Wright) will share their visions for these highly anticipated films." One would infer from this statement that barring some odd hidden speaker/man behind a mask trick, the director for Marvel's Incredible Hulk redux will be revealed to us at this time. Or perhaps we'll even learn the news before the Con ... stay tuned to Cinematical for further updates as Hulk events unfold.
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