For all of those (including us) who've been wondering where hell Michael Moore is, he has finally spoken. The controversial filmmaker wrote a letter to Anne Thompson of The Hollywood Reporter to fill everyone in on what he's up to. He's still working on Sicko, the documentary about American HMOs and pharmaceutical companies, or as he calls it, "a comedy about 45 million with no health care in the richest country on earth," and he's 75% finished with the shooting of it. Soon he will begin the editing process and claims it will be released, "sometime in 2007." His letter explains some of the reasons the production has taken so long, mainly the fact that its subject has taken him down new roads he didn't plan or know about (let's hear his critics say he hit a dead end when his theories were incorrect and he had to make stuff up; I know someone out there is thinking it).

Moore also used the opportunity (or maybe it was his main reason for the letter) to promote his second annual Traverse City Film Festival, held in Northern Michigan from July 31st to August 6th. The festival is a showcase of 60 films that Moore likes, including An Inconvenient Truth, Three Kings, Hotel Rwanda and Borat (each of these films mentioned will be presented by their respective directors). Also showing is the entire filmography of Stanley Kubrick, who Moore considers, "the greatest American director of all time," presented by executive producer Jan Harlan and actors Malcolm McDowell and Matthew Modine. Last but not least is a collection of Iranian films in order to, "get to know them first this time!" Regardless of what you think of Moore, if you live near Traverse City you should attend the fest, because he's showing some damn good movies.

Anyway, that might be the most we hear from him for awhile, as he says he'll be busy working, so comment away on what he's given us for now.
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