I knew I wanted to go to the movies Friday night, but I wasn't sure what to see. There was no way I would be fighting the crowds at Dead Man's Chest and, while I almost went to see Wassup Rockers at the Angelika, I decided to go a different route. After reading Chris' post on the Raiders of the Lost Ark screening here in NYC, the thought of seeing Indy back up on the big screen was just too tempting. Besides, Karen Allen was doing a Q & A afterward and that's a pretty nifty bonus.

Long story short, the film was awesome, as expected. However, when it came time for the Q & A, I sat patiently and waited as I knew one of the first questions asked would be, "So, will you be involved in Indiana Jones 4?" And what do you know, it was the third question. Now, here's where things get interesting. Allen begins to talk about Indy 4 in a very "I have no idea what's going on" kind of way, however, you could tell she knew more then she was letting on.

She did say there were whispers the script was calling for both Allen's character and Kate Capshaw's character from Temple of Doom to reunite with Indiana Jones in the fourth installment. Though nothing was certain, the way she said it made the rumor seem to be much more than just a rumor. And then she dropped the bomb folks. As she delves into this next bit of info, for a brief moment, she hesitates before saying (and I'm paraphrasing here), "Oh, and I just heard Natalie Portman was cast as Indy's daughter." Now, I seem to recall way back in the day, the Portman rumors were out there -- what with George Lucas having just shot three films with the girl. But is it now a done deal? Immediately after the Portman line, Allen switched topics, reverting back to an earlier question. As if she knew she shouldn't have said anything. Of course, this is all still part of one giant rumor, but if I were a betting man, something big will be announced soon. ...

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