So by now we've all been made aware of Tim Story's comments regarding the character of the Silver Surfer in the upcoming sequel to Marvel's hit comic film The Fantastic Four. In case you missed it, the basic gist is this -- the character will be done via some fancy new and astounding CGI process, and thus does not need to be cast. No real actors needed, and certainly not Vin Diesel. However, this does not mean a body double will not be used -- someone to mark place for the other actors and provide a general framework for the computer animation to build over in post production. And according to IGN Filmforce, there may be a favorite already in place to fill this position. From the mighty northlands of Canada comes actor/model James Lee (his full name, you should be pleased to know, is Bruce James Lee, according to IMDB), recently of Snakes on a Planefame. IGN stressed that this is only a rumor for now and they've been unable to contact anyone official for real verification, but it's certainly an interesting little tidbit. Personally, I don't care who is standing in, as long as I get an awesome looking Herald of Galactus as the end result. Giddy with anticipation? Yes!
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