You've probably heard about companies like CleanFlicks, which edit popular movies on DVD to remove language and scenes that they find offensive, then rent or sell the "scrubbed" versions of the movies to customers and even to some video stores. Various Hollywood groups, including Mel Gibson, filed suit against these companies for violation of copyright laws. On Thursday, a federal appeals court judge ruled against CleanFlicks and similar companies, on the grounds that they  cause "irreparable injury to the creative artistic expression in the copyrighted movies." The companies are ordered to turn over their inventory to movie studios within five days ... what do you think Hollywood will do with the sanitized DVDs? Unfortunately, DVDs don't burn well, so a celebratory bonfire is out.

The article on the ruling does not mention whether it will affect DVD players like ClearPlay that contain filters you can use to block certain types of content from specific movies. Since the actual DVD remains intact, this type of filtering might not be prohibited under the ruling. I believe the Family Movie Act that became law last year protects home technology like ClearPlay, as well.
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