My introduction to the world of Marvel comics came at the hands of The Man himself, Stan Lee. As a very young lad I was enraptured with Saturday morning cartoons, and none won my heart like those featuring Marvel's heroes -- particularly the "Marvel Power Hour."  Every Saturday, there was Stan, grinning like a fiend and talking about his stories. When he said "Greetings, True Believers," I knew he was talking to me.

Stan has ended most of his duties with Marvel, but the guy is still a legend and is still clearly associated with the great titles he created. For that reason, I (and many other True Believers like myself) delight in seeing Stan Lee in his little cameo bits each time a new Marvel flick makes it to the big screen. Sure, he's only on screen for a few seconds, but when the camera pans over him, you just feel him grinning and declaring "Excelsior!"

And as with Marvel flicks before, Spider-Man 3 will proudly continue to cameo Stan tradition. We don't know precisely what he'll be doing this time around, but you can catch a few candid shots of him here.

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