And the cycle continues. If last year's trend was "horror remakes," then this year's is "prequels/sequels to horror remakes." I could use as my examples the upcoming Return to House on Haunted Hill or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, but there's yet another one on the horizon.

Longtime music video director Martin Weisz is about to direct a sequel to The Hills Have Eyes for Fox Searchlight -- despite the fact that there already WAS a Hills Have Eyes Part 2, and also despite the extra fact that it sucked powdered sugar off french toast. Original Hills creator Wes Craven is attached as a producer and co-screenwriter. It was previously believed that Deathwatch director Michael J. Bassett would land the gig, but according to Fango, Weisz is the guy. And he better get crackin', because Fox apparently wants the flick ready for next March. tells us the story's about a bunch of National Guard misfits who stumble across the cannibalistic mutatoes on their final day of military service. (So don't expect Hills 2 to be a glowing endorsement of the U.S. National Guard, basically.)
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