We all know by now that movie news comes from just about anywhere. Take, for example, this latest bit of info regarding the upcoming Die Hard 4.0. Not long ago, we brought you the scoop on a script review of the film provided to us by those clever little spies over on AICN. Well, now it seems a pivotal part of the script has been changed and, personally, I think it's for the better. (Warning: Possible SPOILERS ahead).

Turns out some dude was flying from Los Angeles to Baltimore over the Fourth of July weekend. While hanging out in first class, the spy realized sitting in front of him was none other than Len Wiseman, director of Die Hard 4.0. Alongside Wiseman was Patrick Tatoupolous and possibly a line producer. During the flight, the spy was able to catch a brief glimpse of some sketch art which featured an overturned truck. Sweet! John McClane fights trucks!

Oh, but then the big news came. When the spy built up enough courage to ask about John McClane's son being in the film, whoever it was sitting next to him said that character was no longer in the script. Instead, McClane's son has been replaced by a computer hacker who is released from jail in order to help our hero fight the bad guys. To me, this is a much better move than forcing the audience to believe McClane's son just happens to be some big computer hacker. Now, things become interesting as, for the first time, McClane will be partnering up with someone a lot smarter than he is, when it comes down to the situation at hand. Plus, his sidekick will be younger and a criminal. Yup, I'm excited.

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