Not only is director Doug Liman looking to go where he's never gone before, but he might attempt it not once, but three times. Samuel L. Jackson has just signed on to star in Liman's Jumper for Regency Entertainment. Pic, which will mark Liman's first directorial effort since Mr. & Mrs. Smith, is a sci-fi thriller based off the novel by Steven Gould, with a screenplay written by David Goyer (Batman Begins). 

Story is said to be about a boy who discovers he has the power to teleport, and uses said powers on a quest to help hunt down the person responsible in the death of his mother. Sam Jackson will play an NSA (National Security Agency) agent put in charge of tracking the "jumper," though he may have his own ulterior motives for finding him. Regency also plans to turn Jumper into a trilogy, however it's not mentioned whether Liman and Jackson are signed on for all three films. 

Damn, why can't I teleport? Something like that would be perfect for the lazy kid in me. I'm curious: If you had the ability to teleport, where would you go first and why?

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