Like Johnny Depp to Tim Burton, actor Michael Clarke Duncan is attached to director Michael Bay in a very recognizable way. Sure, it isn't to the level of the Depp-Burton relationship, but the two have worked together twice now (The Island and Armageddon) and tend to speak of each other in very glowing and friendly terms. It is quite obvious they repsect each other's talents and enjoy working together on set.

Because of this, it took no one by surprise when M.C. Duncan was among the earliest cast members reported for Bay's upcoming Transformers flick. Given the film is centered heavily around around the U.S. military, it is very easy to see how Duncan would make a good fit. However, the early reports were inaccurate, and a Duncan vs. the Transformers battle is not to be, much to the regret of the big man. Latino Review caught up to him at a press junket for The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, and he had this to say: "You know what and I hate to tell you this, but I am not in Transformers. I am so mad that I have to tell you that, but something happened and we didn't get the deal done and I was really hurt about that, because my friend Michael Bay is directing."

Duncan went on to praise Bay's directorial skill and emphasis his disappointment in missing out. He excitedly described a role as a Navy Seal in which he would have lead his men against some Transformers: "Man, that is like heaven! To dream that you head up a SEAL team to go against the Transformers?" How did this deal fall through? Duncan certainly didn't share any details, and it seems as though he's not at all upset with Bay (he promised to see the movie twice opening weekend), so for now we are left to wonder exactly what happened.

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