By now, you're probably already aware Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest absolutely rocked the box office this past weekend, shattering Spider-Man's previous three-day record of $114.8 million back in 2002. Yes, it beat Spider-Man. It beat Star Wars. It beat Superman. It beat Jesus. And it beat Spielberg. Even despite a round of  "not as good as the first one" reviews, Captain Jack and friends still managed to shock everyone by taking over the top spot.

But why? Do you realize Dead Man's Chest tripled the business Curse of the Black Pearl did in its opening weekend? Yes, tripled. Not only did it take home the three-day record, but it also beat out Star Wars: Episode III for the one-day record with $55 million on Friday and became the first film to reach $100 million in two days.

While I thought Dead Man's Chest would do good in its opening weekend, I didn't expect it do this good. Sure, the first film was a fun time but, as far as I could tell, the franchise did not have a gigantic built-in fanbase foaming out the mouth in anticipation of the sequel. Johnny Depp is funny, but he's no superhero. And he's definitely no Darth Vader.

So, I ask you: What is it about Pirates of the Caribbean that helped it shatter box office records? Is it the pirates? Is it the story? Or is it all Depp?