Captain Jack Sparrow and the rest of those pirates may be raking in gobs of treasure around the globe, but they won't be seen in China -- for now at least. The Chinese Ministry of Keeping All Things Fun Under Wraps has apparently rejected Mouse House flick Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chestfor its "violent and supernatural content", according to local media. Though, why they even bother, I don't know. Pirated DVDs of the flick were probably available on the black market across China before the film even opened here.

At any rate, the Beijing News reports that if the film passes a second round of examination the film might still be shown in China.  Apparently the first-round censors didn't like the portrayal of dead souls in film, and looked askance at octopus-faced Davy Jones. The first Pirates flick screened in China, but only earned about $3.4 million, a fraction of its total take.

 [via Hollywood Elsewhere]

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