Perhaps the most popular way to advertise on the internet is the infamous "banner ad." You see them at nearly every site you visit (Cinematical inclusive); they are generally less intrusive and irritating than pop-ups and the like and this makes them far more palatable by consumers such as you and I. However, as with any form of advertisement, you've got to catch the eye if you plan to succeed. It's a delicate balancing act -- too bland and you get looked over, too flashy and you ruin it by irritating viewers. Clever is often the name of the game. Come up with something that amuses, entertains or otherwise grabs interest.

If you've got a blog, a MySpace, or some other personal form of webpage (and who doesn't these days?) and you are looking to decorate it with some Spider-Man 3 paraphernalia, they've cooked up a little device that'll both amuse you and act as advertising for them. You've seen them off and on before; it's a countdown clock. Days, hours, minutes, and even seconds are timed and constantly ticking downward toward the anticipated release of Spider-Man 3. Grab it from the official website, if you are interested. Personally, I think I'll wait until it's a bit closer before I start counting the seconds.