Okay, this is only movie-related by virtue of the world's current obsession with all-things-pirate, thanks to the blockbuster success of Pirates 2, but it's fun nonetheless. MSN has a Pirate Nickname Generator (there's a male version and a female version) where you can kill some more of that time you're supposed to be spending working your day job. It's simple as can be -- just go to the correct generator for your gender, type in your full name, and it gives you an official pirate nickname. Bonus points if you put your pirate nickname on a "Hello, My Name Is ... " sticker and make your colleauges at work address you by it for the rest of the week.

In case you're curious, matey, my pirate nickname is Iron Lizzie, which I kinda like. Jeffrey Well's over at Hollywood Elsewhere, which is where I found this little gem, got stuck with the vaguely Biblical-sounding name of Mad Levi. Cinematical's EIC James Rocchi scores the fitting nickname Dirty Basingstoke, while our East Coast Editor extraordinaire Martha Fischer rates the name Gunwalls Constance. You don't wanna get old Gunwalls on yer bad side, do ye? So off ye go -- have fun with it, arrrrrr!

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