Just when I thought I might be warming up to Michael Bay, along comes an AICN visit to the set of his new projectTransformers to ruin the good relations we've been building. Regular readers as quite familiar with my general dislike of Bay (whom I used to refer to as Michael "The Clonus Horror" Bay until James suggested I get the heck over it); I just don't dig the dude's style. However, my general geek fanlove for the Transformers has allowed me to make tenuous overtures towards the director, and I had slowly worked my way into a state of vague hope over the course of the past few months. Bay and I were on our best footing ever -- I even said nice things about him in a post or two.

In a nutshell, AICN spent a day watching Michael Bay blow things up and create general high-powered action sequences. You can surf on over there to read a full description, but the following thought essentially sums of the day: "I'm now 100% certain we will get a Michael Bay movie. If that was ever in doubt in the first place. The only real question has to do with those Bots. How much of TRANSFORMERS as we know it will make its way into Bay's over-all vision?" I don't want a Michael Bay interpretation of the Transformers, dang it! I just want a nice Transformers film. Hope springs eternal, however. Until I get solid proof that Bay has done something to seriously damage the Transformers I love, I'll continue to give him at least some benefit of the doubt. Give him the chance to prove himself before I rip him apart, right?
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