Hey, there's good news for all you Daniel Craig haters out there -- a new ally has joined your quest to prove people have way too much time on their hands. Recently, Pierce Brosnan's son Chris chimed in on whether Daniel Craig was a good choice to replace his father as James Bond in the upcoming Casino Royale. The 33-year-old filmmaker, who will next be seen directing a film that doesn't exist yet, practically ridiculed the producers' choice, calling Craig a "dirtier, uglier, grittier Bond." Supposedly, Daniel Craig later showed up and challenged Brosnan Jr. to a fist fight in the playground, behind the gym, after school.

According to reports, Alec Baldwin will not be attending any press screenings or interviews for his upcoming film, Mini's First Time. Supposedly, this is nothing against the film or the fact that Baldwin plays a man who has an affair with his 18-year-old stepdaughter, but rather the actor is just too "busy" to help promote a small, independent film. Seeing as Baldwin has appeared in five films in 18 months, he insists one has to choose which films are important and which, well, suck. Unfortunately for Mini, she picked the wrong man to be her first.

Now, here's one you don't see everyday. Reportedly, Sienna Miller had to halt production on her new film Camille due to an emergency tooth-related injury while on set. The actress was shooting an outside scene with James Franco in Toronto when (insert mysterious tooth accident) occurred, thus forcing a dentist to rush to the set, in which he spent several hours tending to the star. Later, reporters anxiously searched the body of Jude Law, however no teeth marks were found. .

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