Johnny Depp has openly stated his desire for as many more Pirates of the Caribbeanflicks as he can land. He loves being captain Jack Sparrow, and said he will be extremely depressed when the time comes to leave the character behind. Judging from the opening weekend of Dead Man's Chest, the general movie-going public agrees with Depp, as they made his film the first true blockbuster of the summer. Perhaps by the time the third flick ends we'll find ourselves with a case of Pirate fatigue, but that looks to be rather unlikely. However, director Gore Verbinski isn't so sure he agrees with Depp on the value of more films. You can read his full comments here; what it basically boils down to is simply that Verbinski is pretty pleased with what he's got right now, and he's not sure he wants to add anything more to it. An understandable conviction, after spending so much time with the story already and producing a very successful package.

Depp does have a tremendous amount of "star power," and his voice (coupled with the lure of money) could no doubt be a powerful persuasive element on studio execs. It is entirely possible that should he desire, he could bring about more films under a different helmer. Would he do it? Probably not. I don't know how the franchise would fare with a change in directors at this point anyway. After three films, the style is rather firmly established.
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