Have you ever wondered what it would be like to lead the lifestyle of a rich and famous super villain? The heroes, they can't rake in the illicit cash, or even keep the monies bestowed on them by the grateful public. The whole "integrity" thing gets in the way. But villains -- villains live the good life. All their hard earned cash goes straight to buying evil machinations and furnishing their lives with the best of best in houses, cars, boats ... you name it, they've got it. And it is probably made out of solid gold. Lex Luthor is certainly no exception, and IGN has a rather nifty look at the makings of his giant yacht from Superman Returns. There's a diagram layout, some still shots, and a collection of short "virtual reality" tours (in Quicktime form), each accompanied by an explanatory paragraph. It isn't Robin Leach, but that's probably a plus. This is one of the more fun Superman specials I've seen to date.
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