Hope springs eternal in this little geek heart of mine, and with every new update on the upcoming sequel to The Fantastic Four, the tiny spark of hope flickers a bit brighter. In general, the sequel news has been quite good, leaving your geek beat reporter in a very happy state. The plot sounds better, the concepts sound tighter, and the extra characters are well chosen. Now we just need director Tim Story to put them all together in a better fashion than his last go around with The World's Greatest Comic Magazine. And to hear him talk about it, he may well be on the right track. In recent comments, Story excitedly discussed the progression of the team. They've moved into corporation status now, and true to comic book style will be surrounded by far more gizmos and gadgets, many stamped with the famous Four logo. The interior of the Baxter building is going to be "hot," and he plans to pull design ideas from both the current Ultimate FF stories and the classic Kirby machines. And finally, Story is very impressed with the Fantasticar, saying: "What I'm really excited about is the Fantasticar. It's coming guys in all it's glory. Wait until you see it. It's going to split in pieces and all that. Johnny and Ben fight over who should fly it. All the fun you expect."

All the fun I expect is a lot of fun, but let's hope he is right. It sounds promising anyway. Hope lives on for another day.
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