There's nothing more fun to watch than another attempt by Hollywood to crucify the Bush administration. Look, I'm not a political guy. I don't have an agenda. As long as I can wake up each morning, inject a dose of caffeine into my brain and write about movies, I'm not complaining. However, if my President somehow screws that up, well, I will not be a happy camper.

When we first reported on Paul Haggis' decision to move forward with a big screen adaptation of Richard A. Clarke's Against All Enemies, the biggest question on our minds was not "Why is he doing this?" Instead, we wanted to know who the Oscar winning director would cast. Dennis Quaid as President Bush? Queen Latifah is pretty tough, perhaps we can throw her into the role of Condoleezza Rice? And then there were the parts of Richard Clarke and his partner in crime, former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill. You'll remember, O'Neill backed up Clarke's "blame the Bush administration" story with his own testimony.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Haggis wants Vince Vaughn to play Paul O'Neill. Yes, Vince Vaughn. While the 'Old School' and 'Dodgeball' star has not yet signed on the dotted line, Haggis has had discussions with the actor, but needs to wait until Columbia Pictures finishes off the budget. Also, though nothing has been made official, Sean Penn is rumored to have snagged the Richard Clarke role. As always, we'll keep you updated.

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