The title more or less says it all here -- a few new pictures of the Nicolas Cage vehicle Ghost Rider have found their way to the internet. You can check them out over at Yahoo, mixed in with a few more familiar pictures. Still no flaming skull, but presumably that's coming soon enough. None of the pictures have yet to pique my interest, and I continue to have mixed thoughts on this film. I really want it to be fun, and I love Cage's personal feelings towards the entire project, but it just worries me. Maybe once we start seeing some real production stills as opposed to candid shots and the like I'll see something to shore up my hopes a bit.  Then again, I enjoyed the Punisher flick, so I suppose I'm not really hard to please when it comes to Marvel movies. I just hate to think of Marvel losing money on any of their movies; as a company they aren't really wealthy enough to survive too many flops.
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