Not long ago, I spoke about how Adventures in Babysitting was the first PG-13 film I watched in a movie theater. Of course, my friend's Mom had to come along, so any feelings of "cool" immediately vanished upon taking our seats. Well, it seems Disney is fond of the original as well, seeing as they've chucked Adventures in Babysitting onto the remake bandwagon and signed on Raven-Symone (That's So Raven) for the lead role.

Raven-Symone? Man, there's no way she's sexier than Elisabeth Shue. Obviously Disney is looking to go the cute, quirky and cuddly route with this one. The original film, which marked Chris Columbus' directorial debut, told the story of a regular old babysitter who gets whisked away for a night of action-packed adventure after setting out, with the kids, to simply pick up a friend stuck downtown.

Personally, I loved the first Adventures in Babysitting and the film definitely holds a piece of my heart. I am a little skeptical about this remake (I wonder if Thor will be in it again?), though part of me hopes it will kick ass. Currently, no director is attached and Lynda Obst, who produced the original, is on board the remake.

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