After the first Spider-Man movies, most fans were sold. Even True Believers, although we had a few nitpicky complaints (we wouldn't be real fans if we didn't, right?) Probably the most egregious change made to Spider-Man canon was the story rewrite which gave Mary Jane a good chunk of Gwen Stacy's back story. Despite her death quite some time ago (possibly even because of her death), Stacy remains a very popular character among fans. We could understand the choice to skip over her existence in the interest of translating the story to a movie, but it was tough to swallow the bridge scene if you knew how the real story went. Nonetheless, we took it in stride because hey -- it was a great flick.

Then came the announcement of Gwen entering the picture for the third film. This rankles a bit more, because her story has already been given away. True Believers worry it will cheapen her character. Bryce Howard, the actress who will play Gwen, disagrees. Howard says despite the story issues, the basic core of the character will remain true to the comics. According to Howard, the character will be brought to life "in a way that will both be surprising and appropriate and will fulfill people's expectations." You can color this blogger highly skeptical, but the movies haven't disappointed me yet, and I don't expect them to start now.
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