There's so much casting going on today, I figured it would be easier to abbreviate some of it because, let's face facts, I'm good like that. Oh, and I'm also cool like that and smooth like that -- ya know, in case you were wondering.

  • Actor Justin Long is quickly becoming the go-to man for mediocre underdog stories. Soon, you'll see him up on the big screen playing the lead role in Accepted, a film about a guy who creates his own, imaginary college after being rejected from all the "real" schools. Now, it appears as if the comedic talent will star in the indie featurePatriotville, written and directed by Talmage Cooley. Here, Long will play a guy who, while trying protect his town's meager place in American history, attempts to prevent an Indian casino from being built over some historic battlefield. Here's hoping Long's acting career is a short one. Sorry, the joke was there. I had to.
  • Talk about two actors I never imagined in a romantic comedy -- Cillian Murphy and Lucy Liu have signed on to star in Watching the Detectives, an indie pic produced by Peach Arch Entertainment and Plum Pictures. The rom-com is said to revolve around a film noir buff who winds up with much more than he bargained for after romancing a real-life femme fatale. Broken Lizard's Paul Soter will make his directorial debut with the film, while also penning its script.
  • Last but certainly least, Taryn Manning will star opposite Freddy Prinze Jr. in Jack and Jill vs. the World. Pic, which I thought was called Dick and Jane vs. the World, is not to be confused with the Adam Sandler-produced comedy, Jack and Jill. So, either Variety screwed up the title or folks involved with the film realized Freddy Prinze Jr. was more of a Dick than a Jack. Written and directed by Vanessa Parese, pic revolves around a good guy who falls for a girl with a secret. Though I wish it were true, something tells me her secret isn't that she hates every film Freddy Prinze Jr. has ever been involved with. Oh well.
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